Custom products and services


Sometimes life would be a lot simpler if our products were delivered with a slight modification, with something added to it, or bundled with other parts like cables.

We understand these needs and will be pleased to make your life easier by offering a customization of our products to your specifications. Should your volumes justify a remodeled version of one of our products to suit your application even better, we also provide these services. The addition of features specific to your application can make all the difference.


At Magnipix we have cumulated experience in many different areas. We will be pleased to make it contribute to the success of your products, should there be a need for a product designed specifically for your applications. We can provide valuable input in the fields of:

X86 architecture products

Video Adapters and Flat Panel Interfaces


Battery Power Supplies

I/O processors, using the Zilog Z8 Encore! family of Microcontrollers

We can contribute to bring a better value to your products.